Strong Customer Authentication: what it is and why it’s important for Ukrainian fintech projects to know about it?

  • Standard password / PIN / secret word;
  • Biometric confirmation (fingerprint, facial biometry, iris recognition etc.);
  • ID of the smart device through which the payment is made;
  1. Payments to 30 euros. But there are exceptions. For example, if there are a series of identical payments with a minimum threshold before the limit, anti-fraud should work.
  2. Subscriptions. Don’t worry, your Netflix, Apple Music or other services subscription won’t suffer. No one will go against a large international trust business;
  3. Merchant-initiated payments. If you added your bank card to Uber or Bolt, you won’t be required to confirm the payment twice.



CEO of the international payment system LEO, the shareholder of IBOX Bank

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