How financial services in Ukraine are changing with the increasing share of fintech projects?

Key figures

  • 85% of banks have made digital transformation a priority for their business. For Ukraine this is about 50%, but these are banks covering at least 90% of the Ukrainian audience;
  • 75% of consumers use fintech services to transfer money. Absolutely fair for Ukraine. The remaining 25% or don’t transfer money, or do it through offline cash boxes;
  • 77% of financial institutions want to introduce more innovation. A strange figure, I believe, everyone has such a desire, however concrete actions are much more important.
  • 60% of traditional banks will merge with fintech startups, and 82% expect these partnerships to expand over the next 5 years. This figure is also relevant for Ukraine, given the massive launches / improvements in mobile banking that we could see over the past 12 months.

Omnichannel customer experience

Expansion of cashless infrastructure



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Alyona Shevtsova

Alyona Shevtsova

CEO of the international payment system LEO, the shareholder of IBOX Bank